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Chapter 4
Chapter 4
"Don't tell me you're actually thinking about accepting this guy's offer Alex!" Clover fumed as she paced back and forth. "We don't know if he's telling the truth or not and if he is who knows what kind of weird stuff he's gonna do to you if you accept!"
Alex blushed. "But he seems real nice and I think he's being completely honest about the situation. Besides, he's done nothing wrong. If you think about it, we're the ones trespassing on his island." She said twiddling her thumbs.
"I agree with you that he seems very nice and forthright about the situation, but don't let some insta-crush you've gotten for this guy effect your Judgement Alex. Besides, you have an entire day to weigh the options and come to a knowledgeable and mature conclusion." Sam said putting her hands on Alex's shoulders.
"But whatever you do decide on, we'll be here for you." She said moving into a hug.
"Group hug!" Clover said joining in on the hug action.
Lelouch watched the girls and shook his head in
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3
"My name, as I said, is Aust. I am a Planeswalker." Aust said sitting down. Alex raised her hand. Aust smiled.
"Yes Alex?"
"Um, so, like, why are we here? And was that boy really dead? I don't think dead people can get up and walk. Unless they're zombies and he doesn't look like a zombie to me. I should know; I've had to fight zombies before." Alex said pointing to Lelouch.
"Would you please shut your trap you bimboic whore?" Lelouch said snarling at Alex. "He was about to explain that to us."
Aust sighed. "Lelouch is right, but you didn't have to snap at the poor girl." He said setting his staff down.
"I have every reason TO snap! I'm supposed to be dead! Yet here I am, supposedly alive, which is IMPOSSIBLE by the way, since I DIED!" Lelouch said, his body shaking.
"I'll start from the beginning. I am Austvldynii Swllchqkas Ekvldon xqllhas scib dos xex. Don't worry about pronouncing it since that's the closest translation any language on this side of the multiverse can get.
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2
"Please please please tell me I'm not having some sort of weird dream." Clover said frantically as she grabbed hold of Sam and started shaking her arm.
"If it was a dream then wouldn't we be dreaming of things we liked? Like, Small fuzzy animals, or twenty percent off sales at Macy's?" Alex asked peering at the door that Slobad was now starting to open, the melody she hear growing louder now that she was inside the tower.
"Like, what if it's a Nightmare Alex? What if we've been captured by some icky mad scientist and are hooked up to one of his bizarro machines that he's testing us on?" Clover cried, tears welling in her eyes.
"Then we'd at least remember him rambling on about how great his machine is, like every other mad scientist we've ever taken down." Alex said turning to walk towards the door.
"Wait everyone waiting for, huh? Want Slobad to turn light off again, huh?" Slobad said as he turned back to face the girls after he had opened the door.
"We're coming!" Alex crie
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"So, like, remind me again why we're here when we could be back in Beverly at the mall?" whined Clover as she swatted away another mosquito.
"We're here, Clover, because a never before charted Island appeared in international waters giving off never before recorded energy readings. And Jerry wanted us to check out the island and find out its origin as well as what the unknown energy is." Sam explained as she continued to trudge forward trough the swamp.
"Well then can we at least move through the forest that's like five feet that way instead of through this icky swamp?" clover pleaded.
"For once Sam I agree with Clover." Alex said as she nearly tripped face first into the swamp.
"It doesn't matter girls. We're at the center of the island now." Sam said taking a step out of the swamp onto the barren desert at the edge of the swamp. Sam stood there in awe of the bizarre island's terrain.
"Whoa. Swamp, Forest, Mountains, and Plains all converge on a desert. On an Island that app
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A art major squirrel that likes to geek out.

Favorite style of art: Dadaism
Personal Quote: Respect that I like something even if you don't and I'll respect what you like.
So I've been working a full time third shift job since September. Things at home have finally gotten a bit better since we had a 'house guest' leave a few weeks back. I'm gonna try and do some stuff some time soon. Hopefully.
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